Concert / Festival Dates

May 27 - 29th 

Koroneburg Old World Festival

June 3rd - 4th

Koroneburg Old World Festival

June 10th - 11th

Koroneburg Old World Festival

June 17th - 18th

Koroneburg Old World Festival

June 24th - 25th

Koroneburg Old World Festival

ENCHANTED REALMSThe Music / The Artists

Listening to Enchanted Realms, one feels as though a layered veil of darkness is being lifted, and the emerging dreamscape, lit by moons and stars, is transforming into a place where magical things can happen and almost anything can be believed in.  

Luminous melodies, sparkling with the celestial, are at the core of their sound, exquisitely performed on acoustic guitar, keyboard, bass/string pedals, Violin, neo-Celtic harp, wood flutes, renaissance recorders, penny whistles, percussion, and sublime vocals.  

Enchanted Realms has created a vivid world of poetic and fanciful imagery woven around themes immersed in “Love’s treasures and varied secrets”, and stretching across vast panoramas into, “Lands far beyond the mystic”.  

Utilizing a sophisticated palette of colors for painting their original musical expressions, Enchanted Realms skillfully delivers each song with passion, warmth, love and joy, as well as with a graceful charm, quiet wit and a relaxed atmosphere of playfulness.  

Scot Wolfgang Ryder   is a classically trained pianist and composer who brings to his audiences an uplifting and energetic musical experience.  This world-class musician is renowned for his dramatic keyboard interpretations, as well as for his cutting-edge style on acoustic guitar, (best described as a mix of European-folk, classical and flamenco).  Scot seamlessly blends his intricate guitar work with perfectly executed performances on the keyboard and bass/string pedals creating a magnificent symphonic sound.  His gorgeous original pieces and unique performance technique have made him a worldwide favorite with audiences of all ages.  Scot also adds his richly emotive vocals to every performance bringing to the listener the delicate intimacy of romance, or the wild abandon of a vagabond gypsy.

Theresa Rochelle-Ross   is a multi-instrumentalist & songwriter whose exquisitely pure and ethereal voice is the centerpiece of every performance.  As backdrop for the vocals, Theresa deftly weaves her magic on neo-Celtic harp, wood flutes, recorders, penny whistles and ethnic drums in compelling ways, unique and unforgettable.  A veteran of the Irish-folk/acoustic music circuit, her captivating talents, and beautiful poetic imagery in song, have delighted appreciative audiences over many years of performing in pubs, coffee houses, concert halls and a variety of old world and new-age festivals. 


Christopher  Vitas   has performed with the San Diego Chamber Orchestra, Starlight Theatre, the Old Globe Theatre, Lamb‘s Players Theatre, Pacific Chamber Opera, San Diego Repertory Theatre and the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee. He performs on record albums, CDs, motion picture soundtracks, and radio and television commercials. Chris has also shared the stage with such celebrities as Lyle Lovett, Robert Plant and Jimmie Page, Smokey Robinson, Dionne Warwick, the Moody Blues, Johnny Mathis, Frankie Lane, Tony Bennet, John Tesh, David Benoit, among others.

Combining musical energies, these exceptional artists have created a remarkably sophisticated and beautiful sound for Enchanted Realms.  With soulful dedication they unveil each original composition through myriad layers of instrumental and vocal complexities - drawing from classical, medieval, Celtic, new age, gypsy and European folklore influences. Sometimes lively, at other times breathtaking and divine, their songs are vividly scripted with old world themes of love and romance, and sacred ideals of the spirit.  Poetically interpreted and passionately performed, Enchanted Realms music will transport its listeners to a land beyond their dreams, to a place of beauty and light, and for just a little while listeners will enjoy a sweet and gentle respite from the hectic challenges of modern day life. 
With an air of graciousness and familiarity that seems to beckon the soul home, Enchanted Realms music is inspiring and original entertainment at its finest. Their show is a delightful experience for all ages.